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8/13/23- I wanted a definitive height chart, so I compared the way I've been drawing them to an online chart and this is what I ended up with!

These don't technically line up with their heights in the VN, since I had to fudge that so Lena wasn't Mike Wazowski'd underneath the textbox hahaha. I've been drawing Emily so much shorter than I realized, though???

6/19/23- I released an update for my visual novel yesterday! You can read it on itch or right here on site!!
This promo image totally isn't ominous at all. (Using brown/orange as a color scheme for this project, on the otherhand, legitimately feels so cursed/off).

6/6/23- Got excited for ArtFight too early.png

3/28/23- My visual novel demo was streamed by an acquaintance of mine and I drew a set of animatics based on some of the clips from it. The stream isn't up on twitch anymore, but she's very funny and does cool voice-acting stuff and I would appreciate if you checked out their channel! (Edit: There IS a VOD of the stream on youtube!! Here it is, if you wanna check it out!)

...This was very fun to make.

3/1/23- *Infodumping about the octobass*

9/5/22- I think this might be one of my favorite drawings I've ever done hehe... B')

8/6/22- Have been struggling with Kade's visual novel art and decided the problem was that I just haven't been drawing them enough lately in general (I don't think these were enough though)

Technically a sequel:

6/8/22- Did Lena intentionally start out with the "bad" nicknames just so James would accept the "least awful" alternative? Absolutely.

5/9/22- Drawn for my visual novel's menu screen

3/14/22- That Velociraptor Millie is one of my favorite drawings I've ever done of her

2/7/22- Please help I can't stop editing this drawing
(Edit 5/2022): I've edited it 3 more times since uploading it here

1/2/22- Lowkey mad these are some of the best drawings I've ever done of Chris LMAO

12/15/21- A stairway talk

10/10/21- Little pixel profiles!! B)

9/6/21- Some assorted little doodles

8/2/21- ArtFight meta joke. Jay being petulant about his needs is just a funny concept to me.

4/5/21- Games the Maestro will willingly play with you:
-Animal Crossing
-Wii Sports
-Minecraft (if you're patient with him)

Here's an extra drawing, just because:

1/4/21- Buncha nerds (and Lena)

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