(Ordered from most to least recent)

1/21/24- Commissioned a plushie of Aster and doodled this when I received it!! (Showed off the plushie here!!)

9/16/23- Drawn for an ask on Cohost!

12/24/22- Christmas doesn't even exist in-universe but I wanted to draw ugly sweaters...This was supposed to be a DOODLE

5/14/22- Did not draw this with the intent of using it for my site design but MAN it ended up working well

4/5/22- Workout Pals

1/16/22- Aster (and Aster and Aster and Aster)

11/15/21- He's helping!!

9/16/21- Sunsets are very fun to draw

8/15/21- Baset is cute; I don't have much else to say

8/9/21- A reference sheet I drew for ArtFight

3/7/21- Cowfriends

12/6/20- Designs have been modified since drawing this, but uh, yeah.

12/3/20-1/4/21- Got a new computer midway through drawing this and struggled sticking the landing but at least I finished it!!

9/1/20- First attempts at drawing them

9/1/20- More first attempts

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