Daily Dad Diaries is a fantasy story about two dads trying to raise their three magical daughters.

A slice of life/comedy told chronologically out of order through diary entries. Have fun piecing their story together!

Also available to read on ComicFury!

Content warnings

This story occasionally contains strong language (no slurs, just 10-year-olds swearing).

There are some themes related to abusive power structures and war-related trauma (both main characters are former child soldiers). This is mostly fact-of-life stuff for them, and not brought up in intense ways. I'll put content warnings at the top of pages if it ever seems necessary!

About the author


I'm Zelkova! I like drawing comics and writing visual novels in my spare time. B) My other hobbies include hiking, cycling, and playing JRPGs. I have to constantly restrain myself from talking about my dog 24/7.

The concept for this comic has been near and dear to my heart for several years now, so I'm happy to finally share it somewhere.

If you'd like to see more of my work, you can check out my Carrd or main site!

Link to the comic

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Thanks to Neocities and Rarebit for making my self-hosting dreams possible! 8)