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4/5/2023- "Trying to get a design nailed down"-variety of doodles. Don't tell anyone, but this is secretly my favorite daughter. Nice to finally settle on a design for her.

2/14/23- Birthday Kiss for the Birthday Girl

1/22/23- Could not resist drawing something for the Year of the Rabbit!! The yellow looks a little rough on this lavender background though, dang

8/20/22- Just some little doodles I liked

4/5/22- Moonlit Stroll (plus a light-pollution version 'cuz I couldn't decide which I liked more)

...These don't look the way I intended them to on brighter screens but in practice I've never felt like spending an hour+ with my screen brightness cranked up to fix them...please use your imagination on how they're supposed to look ;_;

1/16/22- Baby Teeth

12/22/21- Winter Family Fun Times

11/8/21- More bunny twins

10/15/21- Some minor characters I've been wanting to design for a while!

8/22/21- Just a baby hanging out with her big sisters!

6/3/21- Happy June!!

5/20/21- First three characters on the left belong to cosmic__dreamz!

Mage Moms having a playdate for their kids

5/16/21- *points at my weird lesbians* I love them

4/3/21- Go For It, Nakamura! parody (this is partially traced, just fyi)

12/6/20- Group pic

10/6/20- She was just trying to get a rise out of him

6/29/20- Just some lesbians at the beach with their son

3/1/20- Mimi Time

1/30/20- Yep...

1/13/20- Fave drawing of 2020!!!!

1/13/20- World's sweetest boy & his ineffectual Murder Mom + Bonus drawing

12/24/19- They made him go inside 5 minutes later

1/13/20- Yep...

12/9/19- Baby Jail

11/22/19- One of my first drawings of them... :]

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