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5/18/24- Little mini comic. I actually drew most of this a few months ago, but it felt like an odd way to introduce a character. Now I don't have to worry about that!

Still tweaking Sasha's design (still not happy with it)

5/8/24- Talked about this comic in detail here
Here's an extra though, also:

4/7/24- Finally getting around to designing some of the other supernatural characters in this story. Deep in the throes of seasonal depression, I decided having a cockroach-themed tumblr sexyman was a good idea. (I don't take constructive criticism).

I don't have names for them yet. I've been referring to them as "Butterfly" and "Cockroach." Roachie reminds me of Maestro, but stupider and legitimately evil (& not just pretending). When he's palm-sized, his critical thinking skills shrink to match. I can't think of a funny thing to say about Butterfly, but I'm kind of obsessed with the tragedy of his entire character. The Nintendo Switch color dynamic was an ACCIDENT.

1/15/24- Little doodle I cleaned up 'cuz I was working on their toyhouse profiles and thought this would look good there ...Contemplating how many times he'd have to be picked up like this before he'd acclimate and be this chill about it LMAO

1/5/24- For the third comic, the correct answer was "overly agreeable girl who lets people shove bread onto her face" or something. The life lesson got away from him.

12/25/2023- Draw your OC like they're a gacha game Santa alt (plus a cursed extra)

11/3/2023- Paco's inferior shoulder game

11/3/23- Lineup for my new story!!! Talked about 'em in this journal!

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