What is it?

Daily Dad Diaries is a webcomic I'm making! It's a fantasy comedy about two dads and their candy-colored demon children.

You can read it here, or on ComicFury!

Art related to this story is here!


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En and Aldis!

They're this story's main characters. En is a ball of stress; Aldis is a little too relaxed most of the time. They tend to balance each other out (most of the time).

Stoke, Leila, and Mimi!

En and Aldis's three adopted daughters. Stoke is a trouble-maker; Leila, a goodie-two-shoes; and Mimi, a...baby.

Piemi and Eliane!

Aldis's moms. I draw a lot of art of them when he was a kid, so they're actually older during the timeframe of the story. They're frankly kinda weirdos, but I love them.

More minor character info available here!