Zelkova's Journal

TMatM Demo Update - 6/19/23

I released the second part of my visual novel yesterday! This post is not for shilling it; if you want more info then check the dev post I made on itch. I kinda just wanted to talk about my thoughts and feelings on it here. That being said, there are going to be some slight spoilers, so if you care about that, this is your chance to stop reading!

I released the first version on Mother's Day, then the second version on Father's day. There apparently IS a generic "Parent's Day;" maybe I will aim for that one for the third part. (Children's Day would be cute though too). I kind of had to work my ass off this time around to meet this silly little joke deadline I set for myself though.

I've spent the last few months Extremely Aware of the fact that not very many people are going to read this version. I frankly think it is kind of a hard sell too (especially if you read the original demo), but I needed a middle goal to work towards. In the past few weeks something finally clicked into place in my brain and I stopped dwelling on it and went full tilt back into "I'm MAKING A THING!!!" mode. It's been nice.

I still do hope some people read it though. I'd love to hear people's theories on what's going to happen next.

Jay is formally introduced in this part. He's my favorite. Basically my own personal Sans Undertale. I have no idea how people are going to respond to him as a character. I think it would be very fair if they disliked him (though I hope no one goes out of their way to tell me so, lmao).

(Maestro, despite being a really blatant poor little meow-meow character, barely makes it into my top 5 for this story. Though I think that just says how much I like the rest of the cast in general, hehe.)

Jay is a guy whose entire subplot centers on his passivity, which makes it really funny to me personally that at a meta level during development he was constantly inserting himself into parts of the story where I hadn't planned for him to be. He wasn't even supposed to get his own route.

Something I've found very interesting over the course of developing this VN is how much character expressions can change a scene for me.

I used to be fine rereading the rough draft for this scene, but now whenever I get to these particular expressions I tear up a little bit. Trying his best to smile for someone who can't even see the faces he's making!! Oof!!!

This version of the story contains my favorite scene. (It's Millie beating the shit out of Chris). Feel free to tell me if it, too, is your favorite scene.

I chose riiight about here for this version's ending. It felt like the most exciting cliffhanger possible. If I don't get at least one person yelling at me for this choice I'm going to feel like I did something wrong!

Anyway, I am going to go take a nice long break now and hopefully just dink around with ArtFight for a month. But after that I've got a prequel comic about Jack that I've been working on for a few months.

It is shaping up to be one of the sweetest/saddest things I've ever written. Gonna completely destroy his reputation too. Looking forward to it. :)