Welcome to my website!!!

This place is for my art and personal projects!
It should be decently browsable on mobile, but you will probably need to pinch zoom to read comics/etc.

Latest Updates:
6/8/2024 - Thanks for 100k pageviews!!! Updated my dog's page to celebrate.
4/7/2024 - Added my new story to the projects page.
11/24/2023 - Added a subsite for a prequel comic about Jack!
8/3/2023 - Thanks for 50k pageviews! :)
6/20/2023 - Added a journal for thoughts about art/writing.
12/14/2022 - Tweaked the homepage.
10/26/2022 - Launched my webcomic!! Check it out!!!
9/23/2022 - Added a page for my dog (very important). Thanks for 20k pageviews!
5/24/2022 - Layout revamp!
V2: Aster's Sandbox is here!! Feel free to let me know if you have problems with it. I'm retroactively naming the original "Piemi's Playplace" (rest well, Piemi... rest well).
5/2/2022 - Customized gallery pages a little (just a little).
6/10/2021 - Streamlined navigation & fixed a few display issues (I hope).
4/17/2021 - Added to the index and project pages!
3/19/2021 - There's actually art here now!! It's under the Projects tab.
10/12/2020 - Website created! Technically! Had no idea what I was doing though.

(If this site updates according to Neocities but I didn't list any changes here, I was probably just adding a single image to a gallery page)