Welcome to my website!!!

This place is for my art and personal projects!

The new layout should be decently browsable on mobile, but still not the ~ideal~ experience.

Latest Updates:
8/3/2023 - Thanks for 50k pageviews! :)
6/20/2023 - Added a journal for thoughts about art/writing.
12/14/2022 - Added a little to the homepage.
10/26/2022 - Launched my webcomic!! Check it out!!!
9/23/2022 - Added a page for my dog (very important). Thanks for 20k pageviews!
5/24/2022 - Layout revamp!
V2: Aster's Sandbox is here!! Feel free to let me know if you have problems with it. I'm retroactively naming the original "Piemi's Playplace" (rest well, Piemi... rest well).
5/2/2022 - Customized gallery pages a little (just a little).
6/10/2021 - Streamlined navigation & fixed a few display issues (I hope).
4/17/2021 - Added to the index and project pages!
3/19/2021 - There's actually art here now!! It's under the Projects tab.
10/12/2020 - Website created! Technically! Had no idea what I was doing though.

(If this site updates according to Neocities but I didn't list any changes here, I was probably just adding a single image to a gallery page)