Zelkova's Journal

Blanket Box Meme (DADS EDITION) - 4/24/24

Stealing a writing prompt list from Kale who got it from Pillowfort. Posting this here when I actually HAVE an active Pillowfort account feels a little weird admittedly, but I like my account on there kinda being just art. So here we are.

I was gonna fill this out for my new story, but then kept thinking of answers for Daily Dad Diaries instead.

Think quick! It’s the dreaded elevator pitch icebreaker: explain your WIP project in less than three sentences! Bonus points if it’s the most horrendous way you could’ve possibly described your project.

Two guys who should probably want to kill each other raise three kids together instead. There's magic and stuff too. The Dads are not actually Daily.
If you had to pick one song or instrumental piece to best represent your project what would it be? If that’s too strict, what genre of music do you think would best fit your project?
I have no skill for this sort of thing. My gut instinct was the upbeat version of Castle in the Sky's theme, so I'm gonna go with that.
Introduce us to your main characters. What are their stand-out characteristics?

En & Aldis

En is a neurotic ball of nerves with a big heart. Aldis is a guy who's spent the majority of his life being told he's not supposed to Have Feelings (he does anyway). They're characters that would be two-line background NPCs in a jrpg. But two-line background NPCs were always my favorite characters growing up. :p

Introduce us to your setting. Does it have an aesthetic or prominent genre-feel to it? What makes it unique?

DDD takes place in a far future post-apocalyptic world where the planet has been poisoned by a substance that people generally refer to as "magic." Most living things have changed to adapt to it (and even use it), but some older species have managed to remain.

I think I drew a lot of inspiration from Dr. Seuss when it came to the nature designs. There's a lot of Disgaea mixed into its roots too.

What genre(s) or theme(s) does your project fall under? Get as specific as you want.
A little bit fantasy. Little bit comedy. Little bit slice of life. Constantly dancing around some drama.

En & Aldis are both living in emotional extremes at the (chronological) beginning of the story, and sort of pull each other both into a healthier middle ground over time. Caring too much will kill you; completely shutting everything out and not feeling anything at all is probably even worse.
What sparked the idea for your project? What made you decide to begin working on it? Has your project changed since it was first inspired?
It was 4 AM and I couldn't sleep so I started telling myself a story and when I woke up in the morning I furiously scribbled down every detail I could remember about it because I loved it so much. I don't even think I ever actively "decided" to work on it so much as it just Had To Exist.

The first draft was overly serious and I got to the end of it and was just like, "...what the hell am I doing" and backtracked into what I have now, which I like much better.
How long have you been working on this project? Do you have a guesstimation for how much more work you still have to do for it?
I made it in late 2019. Wrote the first draft in 2020. Actually started the comic in late 2022. Stalled out in 2023. The way I've organized it, I really just need to solidly introduce every main character. I could theoretically jump to the "ending" at any point after that and then just post extra for-funsy stuff afterwards. 2022!Me was very smart to come with this setup, but did not factor in just how hard I was gonna stall out on the first big chapter. u____u I've been trying to ride out the burnout naturally but ughhh man I wanna get back to it.
Do you have an end goal in mind for this project? Is there anything you want to achieve during/with your project? Or are you just enjoying the journey of creating it, unsure where that will take you?
Just wanna enjoy the journey :)
What’s a new skill you’ve learned, or an existing skill you’ve improved while working on this project? Is there anything else you want to learn or improve while working on this project?
I'd really like to get better at drawing backgrounds & diversify the angles I can draw. Characters physically interacting with stuff too. I think the first not-so-great draft gave me a new level of self-awareness with my work that improved my writing a lot.
What’s one of your favourite things about your project?

I just love the cast soooooooooooooooooo much.