Zelkova's Journal

Tinkering With Sasha's Design - 6/2/24

This is a mirror of a few different posts from cohost sewn together. I'm still trying to "fix" Sasha's design and had been sort of talking through it on there. I just wanted that stuff here!

Was 2 minutes from going to sleep like a week ago when the thought "what if....quilted jacket" possessed me, so I banged this proof of concept out as fast as humanly possible

I'm not sure I actually wanna go with this look, but the idea that Sasha makes his own outfits is definitely appealing?? It'd add a new level of deep cut to making fun of his hat, anyway. I'm going to retroactively say he made this xmas outfit too

I feel like a big part of my struggle/dissatisfaction with his design is that I don't want him to look like a recolor of Jay, but the two of them frankly do have a lot of similarities

I think my uncertainty with the quilt jacket though is that this story veers a lot towards tragedy/horror and part of me is like, "can I own this character looking like this when the mood is gonna be Like That." He wouldn't get cold though.

HAD...ANOTHER THOUGHT..... these feel miraculously more busy + less busy simultaneously.

I think if I was planning on this story being a webcomic, drawing something like this in every panel would turn me into the Joker (it is not going to be a comic though lmao) (Edit: I just want to say after trying out coloring these different versions several times the initial one with the different colors on the jacket instead of the scarf is WAAAAY harder)

The scarf reminds me of corn so much. If I turn all the color layers off this drawing just becomes Maximum Corncob

Briefly tried removing the front flap of his hat. It unfortunately makes the hat look Too Normal to me at this point so I don't think I'm going for it. I like these drawings though. Really occurring to me looking at the one on the right that basically everything I've posted of him publicly has been partially or fully SD art. Still doesn't look 30 even when I de-chibi him LMAO...