Fall 2022 (Awkward Teenager Phase)

She loved this Lambchop toy for 10 entire minutes before tearing it into shreds

I <3 my devil dog

I got her adequately vaccinated early October so I scrambled to take her to some public parks before it started getting terrible out:

She nearly pulled me into the water at least 3 times as I was taking these photos
(I have fallen into this exact lake before just fine without her help)

The photo doesn't do it justice, but she's like, 6 feet up in this one. Climbed up on her own!! My mountain goat of a dog.

Hanging out with my mom's dog

She loved this corn toy for like, 4 days before tearing it to shreds

Hanging out with my mom's evil cat

She is eating rabbit poop in all of these photos

Photo taken moments before the kill (I was the kill)

Hanging out with my sister's Great Dane (and a little stessed about it)

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