What is it?

The Little Demon Bakery is a webcomic I'm currently drawing but haven't started posting anywhere yet! It's a classic fantasy story about a Hero confronting an Evil Demon, but then the demon is a four-year-old (so they bake cookies together instead).

Art related to this story is here!


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Aster and Elysha!

Aster's a little boy with cow horns who can use pretty strong magic and people are pretty scared of him for various reasons that may or not be in the first half of this sentence. If you've been clicking around this site at all then you probably already have a general idea of his personality! Elysha's a very headstrong girl who's got big dreams and an even bigger heart.

Baset and Reed!

Frequently reoccurring characters who would probably be annoyed at being listed together! Baset's a former mercenary who has sort of passively fallen into guarding a very stinky four-year-old with his life. He's not very used to feeling heroic. Reed is an extremely bratty ten-year-old; but Aster is not super picky about who he befriends.