What is it?

The Maestro and the Marionette is a visual novel I'm currently working on.
A story about a boy getting trapped in a dream and forced into an informal battle royale with a bunch of weird doll kids.

A demo of the first 20% of the story is available to read for free on itch.io!
If you're looking for art related to this story, it's here!


(Clicking on their images goes to more detailed profiles on Toyhou.se!)

Chris and James

Chris, a boy trapped in dream, and James, a doll who is trying to help him escape (for some reason).
Chris is a very stubborn and blunt person; James...isn't.

Other characters

I swear these kids will be easy to tell apart if you read the demo!! I promise!!!

The Maestro

The part of me that wants to be cagey and mysterious versus the part of me that
has also already posted goofy-ass comics of this guy are fighting for dominance as I type this.

...Anyway, don't let my post-story comics fool you, he's kind of a meanie.